I feel warm and fuzzy all over.


I’m feeling very Goofy today… or maybe I’m feeling like Pooh. No, I’m not going through mood swings. We’re going to Disneyland!

I barely remember Disneyworld in Florida – my father brought my big brother and I as young ‘uns. Mostly I remember refusing to go on the big rides, and since I was too young to leave alone my brother didn’t get to go on the rides either. Ugh, now I feel really guilty. Like the time I ruined my brother’s 10th birthday surprise. Or the time I crushed his elaborate Lego contraption… But then I remember when he ran over me with his bike and I don’t feel so bad.

But I digress. Hubby and I are off to Anaheim and we are both very excited. And I do plan on going on the rides this time – even the rollercoaster.

Do they have beer in Disneyland?